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Controversial Law

by SBC on 06/17/19

A Utah Jazz fan drinks a beer while watching a game at Legend Sports Grill in Salt Lake City last year. A new Utah law, which goes into effect Dec. 30, lowers the DUI blood alcohol threshold in the state from .08 to .05, a move that has been praised by traffic safety advocates and denounced by the restaurant and hospitality industry. CLICK HERE to continue reading. 

Teen Charged with DWI Following Fatal Crash

by SBC on 06/10/19

One person is dead and another injured following a single-car crash in Albany County.

It happened around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday at the intersection of Pond Hill Road and County Route 10 in Rensselaerville.

The Albany County Sheriff's Office says a 19-year-old woman, riding passenger, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her name is not yet being released.

Deputies say the driver 19-year-old Harley Kelly had been drinking. She was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries, and arrested for misdemeanor DWI.

The incident remains under investigation.

Recent DWI Article (Houston Area)

by SBC on 06/04/19

CLICK HERE to continue reading

The Most Dangerous Times on the Road

by SBC on 05/28/19

The odds of getting into a driving accident increase during periods when there are more cars on the road, such as rush hour, or when driving conditions are less than optimal, as during periods of inclement weather. But when the number of alcohol impaired drivers increases, the odds skyrocket. Research into periods when motorists are most vulnerable to accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers offers an instructive road map for avoiding those times when driving risks are the greatest. CLICK HERE to continue reading.

New Article

by SBC on 05/20/19

Woman faces DWI with child charge after driving through fatal crash scene. CLICK HERE to read.