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SBC Online Victim Impact Panel News

Find helpful DUI providers near you.

by SBC on 08/30/19

Navigating a DUI doesn’t have to be all-consuming. Search thousands of professionals available for hire through the provider marketplace at MyDUISolution. CLICK HERE to learn more. 

Underage drunk drivers in Houston

by SBC on 08/23/19

The numbers are staggering. So far this year in Harris County, 278 underage drivers have been charged with DWI. That means their blood alcohol was at or above a .08 and they're not even old enough to drink. CLICK HERE to read more drunk driving stories in Houston. 

Utah Drinking Law

by SBC on 07/26/19

A Utah Jazz fan drinks a beer while watching a game at Legend Sports Grill in Salt Lake City last year. A new Utah law, which goes into effect Dec. 30, lowers the DUI blood alcohol threshold in the state from .08 to .05, a move that has been praised by traffic safety advocates and denounced by the restaurant and hospitality industry. CLICK HERE to continue reading. 

Community Service

by SBC on 07/15/19

Community service has been used in most states in the U.S. since the early part of the 20th century. In the case of a DUI, performing a certain number of hours of community service may sometimes substitute for jail time, depending on the court's decision. Click here for information about signing up for community service

Need Proctored Exam?

by SBC on 07/08/19

While 98% of our completions are accepted throughout the U.S., we are steadily aiming for 100%. The online proctored VIP is now available. Contact us for more info